TIME Features Natel: Meet the Siblings Making Hydropower That Actually Protects Rivers and Fish

June 29, 2022

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Natel Energy Q1 2020 Newsletter

Freedom Falls RHT is installed and operational, fish passage testing is ongoing, Natel received a DOE grant to research Restoration Hydro, and Upstream Tech launched HydroForecast.


Gia featured on the Metcalf Institute's Innovations in the Clean Energy Transition panel

The Metcalf Institute's "Innovations in the Clean Energy Transition" panel features Gia Schneider in conversation with Jeff St. John, Ramya Swaminathan, and Benjamin Kroposki.


TechCrunch LIVE Features Natel’s Gia Schneider

TechCrunch LIVE spoke with Natel’s Gia Schneider and Breakthrough Energy Ventures' Libby Wayman. Watch the full interview here.