We’re looking for people who want to take action to protect the planet.

At Natel your work makes a difference

Join our effort to address climate change and biodiversity loss through sustainable water and energy solutions. We are looking for collaborative, optimistic, and mission-driven teammates to accelerate the clean energy transition with sustainable hydropower.

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Perks & Benefits

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Inclusive, Mission-Driven Team Culture

We strive to create a community that celebrates the diverse backgrounds and unique talents of each team member, honors our shared commitment to improving the health of our planet, and makes space for different ways of thinking, feeling, and being. We are committed to fostering a culture that recognizes, includes, and respects all life.

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Workplace Centered Around Our People Being Their Best Selves

Whether you want to bring your pet to work or need a spot to take a shower after a morning bike ride, our Alameda office is designed to support the way you work best. We provide remote employees with the equipment they need to thrive in their home offices, and we host annual retreats to bring our whole internationally-distributed team together in person.

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Paid Time Off to Allow Full Lives Outside of Work

We think it’s incredibly important to take time off from work to pursue whatever it is that brings you joy away from the job, and we also understand that life takes unexpected turns. We offer 4 weeks paid vacation, as well as paid sick and family leave plans so you can take the time you need to care for yourself and your loved-ones.

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Comprehensive Medical, Dental, & Vision Coverage

Health care should not be something that keeps you up at night. We offer flexible, trans-inclusive healthcare plans, as well as dental and vision coverage so that you and your family have access to the care you need to live vibrant, healthy lives.

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Employee Rewards Program

In addition to annual performance-based employee bonuses, we celebrate good work as it happens with spot bonuses awarded by managers to recognize the completion of a big project. We also fund peer bonuses that allow you to reward your colleagues—or be rewarded by them—for going the extra mile.

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401K & Donation Matching

Let us help you save for retirement with a generous 401k match, and direct more dollars to social and environmental good through quarterly matching for charitable donations.

Open Positions

Civil Engineer

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When I first got a job at Natel, I was excited to be working in a job in the renewable energy field, but I had reservations about working at a hydropower company, as I knew about the negative effects of traditional hydropower on aquatic ecosystems. As my time at Natel has progressed I have come to see that we are truly making a turbine that can safely pass fish while also generating renewable energy. I like that I am working on a technology that is helping to fight climate change, and restore ecosystems.

Ian Gagnon,
Senior Mechanical Engineer

I'm always encouraged by my manager and peers to ask for projects that help build/hone my skillset. In addition, as Natel grows, I get to add new skills and grow into unique and challenging roles. I believe these experiences are valuable for my career growth.

Tatiana Marzan,
Analyst, US Projects

"Natel has provided me the flexibility and support to pursue my passion for environmental impact through both original research and fast-paced product development.''

Sterling Watson,
Staff Mechanical Engineer

"Everyone at Natel, regardless of their functional areas, seniority level or role, is passionate about environmental sustainability. It's unique to see such a consistent level of commitment to the same goals among such a diverse group of team members."

Kizzie Brown,
Chief Financial Officer

"The transparency, collaboration and inclusivity from the top down is phenomenal. It's truly like a family and I have felt welcomed with open arms from day one."

Nick Arnold,
Director, Project Office

"There doesn't appear to be a singular brute force/one-size-fits-all solution to our energy and climate crisis — it appears that it's going to take multiple smaller solutions working together.  Natel is one of these small (yet critical!) solutions and it's a good feeling at the end of the day to know that you've spent that day contributing to a mission that truly matters."

Owen Hale,
Mechanical Engineer