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Partnering with experts to deliver the best results.

Working together

We collaborate with dozens of leading organizations, including public sector agencies, equipment manufacturers, clean energy producers, and restoration and conservation firms.

Manufacturing Partners

In partnership with leading turbine manufacturers, Natel designs turbines to upgrade existing hydropower plants and develop new, sustainable projects worldwide. Working with our partners, Natel can create FishSafe™ runner designs with competitive rotational speeds and efficiency metrics for turbines of any configuration at sites up to 40 meters (130 feet) in head.

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Development Partners

We develop and partner with others to develop new distributed hydropower solutions and to upgrade projects that make use of existing infrastructure. By prioritizing watershed health alongside energy production, we can benefit both natural ecosystems and communities in need of power.

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Research Partners

Our approach to turbine design and hydropower project development is based in original science and research. These are some of the partners that we've worked with to conduct cutting-edge fish passage science, to formulate the Restoration Hydro approach to site design, and to develop detailed case studies and data analysis reports.

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Conservation Partners

Restoring river connectivity is a fundamental part of Natel's mission. We work with conservation-focused organizations to understand how our work can support common goals for protecting freshwater ecosystems. Two hydropower plants that are currently operating with Natel FishSafe™ turbines are certified by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute.

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Industry Affiliations

It's important to Natel to engage with the diverse stakeholders that make up the hydropower community as we work to make hydropower more sustainable. Membership in the following organizations provides Natel with the opportunity to have a voice amongst hydropower colleagues, to understand industry needs, and to build and share knowledge about responsible freshwater management.

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