Hydropower reimagined for the changing climate.

what We Do

At Natel, we’re creating a new kind of climate-resilient hydropower that prioritizes biodiversity alongside renewable energy generation. Using river restoration techniques, fish-safe hydro turbines, and the most accurate AI-powered hydro forecasting tools available, we are accelerating the global transition to a renewable energy future one waterway at a time.

OuR Mission

We're working to expedite the energy transition with modern hydropower that supports biodiversity and healthy rivers.

Climate change is water change, and as the water cycle changes, water infrastructure must adapt. We are accelerating the global transition to renewable energy by developing climate-resilient hydropower plants that maintain or improve ecosystem health, while delivering reliable, renewable power.

OuR Values

We believe clean energy development should prioritize both environmental and social prosperity.

Our projects and technology protect and restore the planet, while enhancing the wellbeing of the people who live here.

Our Story

Early 1980's

Motivated to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, inventor Dan Schneider works with friends from Texas A&M to find new ways to generate renewable energy, inspiring his children, Gia and Abe Schneider at a young age

Early 1990's

As teens, siblings Gia and Abe Schneider discover
the positive ecological benefit beaver dams can have on river health


Gia and Abe Schneider co-found Natel Energy, supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy


Natel commissions first pilot project “Buckeye”
                               featuring first generation hydro turbine


Natel conducts first hydrologic tests at Alden Research Laboratory


Natel commissions onsite performance hydraulic scale model test


Natel commissions first commercial project for Apple


Natel commissions second commercial
project using updated second-generation designed turbine


Natel acquires digital solutions creator, Upstream Tech maker of HydroForecast watershed intelligence software


Natel unveils the fish-safe Restoration Hydro Turbine


Natel installs the first Restoration Hydro Turbine at The Mill
at Freedom Fall, Maine

March 2020

Natel announces $11M funding close with
Schneider Electric Ventures and Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Fall 2020

Natel and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
conduct hydro turbine passage test with Rainbow Trout;
results confirm 100 percent survival

December 2020

Natel commissions Monroe, Oregon hydropower project
utilizing a utlity-scale Restoration Hydro Turbine

Fall 2021

Natel and Kleinschmidt Associates conduct hydro turbine
passage test with Juvenile Alewife; results confirm
99-100 percent survival

Fall 2021

Natel and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories conduct through-turbine  passage tests with American Eels;
results confirm 100 percent survival

july 2021

Natel announces $20M Series B funding with
Breakthrough Energy Ventures to continue growing modern hydropower

September 2021

Natel announces project to add 80 MW of renewable power to Louisiana’s Red River at three existing non-powered dams

december 2021

 Natel announces partnership with MyHydro set to increase access to electricity in Africa

July 2022

Natel and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories  conduct hydro turbine passage test with adult Rainbow Trout continuing average safe fish passage of >99%

Meet our team

We are entrepreneurs and technologists from top engineering, energy and finance firms, passionate about climate solutions.

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