Project Services

We develop new sustainable hydropower projects and projects that make use of existing infrastructure, by adding power to non-powered dams and upgrading existing hydropower plants with high-performance, FishSafe turbines. The Restoration Hydro is a cornerstone of our hydro development approach. By prioritizing watershed health alongside energy production, we provide distributed hydropower solutions that benefit communities as well as natural ecosystems.

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We complete site-specific plant designs for:

-Existing plants in need of functional or environmental upgrades
-Non-powered dam and weir retrofits
-Landowners with new, low-head hydro potential
-Corporate offtakers working to decarbonize operations



We advance projects through:

-Planning and design
-Minimizing timelines & cost
-Prioritizing enhanced environmental outcomes

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We align with markets to:

-Originate capital
-Negotiate offtake agreements
-Manage transactions
-Minimize risks
-Apply for competitive award funding

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Sourcing & Construction

We support projects through:

-Turbine design, manufacturing, and installation
-Plant design and construction
-Stakeholder engagement
-Environmental performance testing
-Grid connection


Operational Management

We maintain fleets through:

-Remote monitoring
-On the ground inspections
-Continuous production optimization
-24/7 remote support

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