WPTO Encourages Hydropower Modernization and Highlights Natel

April 11, 2024

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POWERHOUSE Opinion: Why Hydro is Key to the Energy Transition, Even in the Face of Drought

In the October issue of Powerhouse, Gia Schneider explains how recent data underscore hydropower's reliability, and how beavers can guide us in the low-carbon energy transition.


Public News Service Cites the Freedom Hydro Plant As A Key Example of Low-Impact Hydro

Listen to a short audio piece about Low Impact Hydropower, including discussion of the LIHI-certified Freedom Hydro Plant in Maine. Accompanying text conversation between Abe and Eric Krebs.


Natel's Restoration Hydro Turbine Receives MIA Seal of Excellence, Recognized as 2023 MERLIN Product of the Year Award Finalist

The RHT was a finalist this year at the MERLIN Innovation Awards, which recognize widely-applicable solutions for restoring the function or enabling the financial benefit of freshwater ecosystems.