Pique Action releases a micro documentary about Natel Energy

November 1, 2022

California startup Natel has 2 missions: stop climate change & protect biodiversity. Their novel turbine technology is making hydropower safer for wildlife and building healthier river ecosystems. Watch this 4-minute film about Natel Energy and founders Gia Schneider and Abe Schneider, part of the NextNow digital series profiling solutions to climate change and the people behind those solutions.

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Gia talks to the Catalyst podcast about how to expand global hydropower production

Listen to Gia Schneider's conversation with Lara Pierpoint on the Catalyst podcast about how to build more, and more sustainable hydropower.


Video: Transforming our energy landscape with Natel's fish-safe Restoration Hydro Turbine

In 2019 Tony Grassi, owner of The Mill at Freedom Falls, partnered with Natel to install the first Restoration Hydro Turbine.


Video: Natel Energy Featured on Pattrn

An interview with Gia Schneider on The Weather Channel's Climate-Focused Show, Pattrn.