Video: Fish Protection Profile - The Center Sender

October 5, 2022

Natel Energy’s Center Sender won third place in the DOE's Fish Protection Prize contest in 2020. The Center Sender guides fish away from underwater turbines' most dangerous areas using an electrified cantilevered bar rack—a physical/electrical device that guides fish to the safest path through a hydropower intake or water diversion.

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ALAMEDA, Calif. — Sept. 28, 2021 Natel Energy, a supplier of sustainable hydropower solutions, announced today it will develop, finance and construct three non-powered dam sites along Louisiana’s Red River in partnership with Nelson Energy, a Minneapolis-based firm that has successfully developed and licensed over $250 million of hydroelectric projects in the U.S. With Nelson Energy as an advisory partner, Natel will install between 60 and 90 of its flagship product, the Restoration Hydro Turbine (RHT), to retrofit three existing dams and add 80 MW of renewable power to the grid — enough energy to power 35,960 average US homes each year.


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