The Mill at Freedom Falls

Freedom, Maine
Project Stats
35 kW
RHT Unit Size:
PIT D055
7 m (23 ft)
Commission Date:
December 2019

The historic Freedom Falls Mill is situated on the headwaters of Sandy Stream in central Maine. The project delivers 35 kW to the surrounding community and directly to the operation of The Mill’s Lost Kitchen restaurant. The RHT’s compact size was critical for this project, as the opening for installation was restricted to .8 m (2.5 ft).

In conjunction with scientists from Kleinschmidt Associates, testing of Juvenile Alewife (herring) through the RHT was conducted at the mill in 2021 and demonstrated >99% safe passage. Juvenile Alewife are commonly found in the stream waters of Freedom and implementation of the RHT will be able to not only generate carbon-free energy for the mill but will also help to protect the fish that inhabit local waters.

Watch how Natel’s compact turbine was installed in the historic Freedom Falls Mill below: