Natel is Featured in the WPTO's 2021-2022 Accomplishments Report for Three Different Projects

March 5, 2023

Natel Energy is honored to be featured in the DOE's Water Power Technology Office 2021-2022 Accomplishments Report for three different projects.

WPTO recognizes the Restoration Hydro Turbine on page 13 for enabling safe passage for large and small fish while also meeting industry-standard performance and installation requirements. Thanks to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the collaboration!

On page 16, WPTO highlights Natel's work to develop Restoration Hydro—a sustainable approach to expanding hydropower. Restoration Hydro is a modular approach that pairs hydropower development with watershed restoration activities like reconnecting floodplains and recharging aquifers. Thanks to our many partners on this project, including Natural Systems Design, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Small Hydro Consulting, Maclaughlin Whitewater, UCB's Environmental Systems Dynamics Laboratory, and Wells Engineering!

Finally, it's great to see the work done by Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop waterSHED highlighted on page 17. This open-source software tool will be a valuable resource for developers looking to add hydro generation to non-powered dams. NPDs currently make up 97% of the dams in the US, and adding power generation to those structures is a clear opportunity for the hydro industry to increase renewable generation without creating new environmental impact. Natel was a partner on the waterSHED project.

Read more in the Hydropower section of WPTO's report.

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