Gia Schneider Selected as a Grist's 50 Fixers

March 22, 2022

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Natel is profiled as a case study in Solutions magazine by Danfoss

With a name appropriately coined from the phrase “natural electric,” Natel is focused on enabling a distributed or decentralized hydropower model featuring a large number of smaller projects.


Modernizing Hydropower with Efficient, Fish-Safe Turbines: Natel in OWA's 2022 Year in Review

Read Abe Schneider's opinion piece in The Ontario Waterpower Association's 2022 Year in Review about why Canada needs fish-safe, including eel-safe, hydro turbines.


Video: Natel Energy Featured on Pattrn

An interview with Gia Schneider on The Weather Channel's Climate-Focused Show, Pattrn.