Rainbow Trout, conducted with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Fall 2020

Study Overview
190 cm diameter RHT at 5 m head, 130 rpm
60 treatment, 59 control releases
Species: Rainbow trout, 200-400 mm length
100% immediate and 48h survival of turbine-passed fish

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are an important representative salmonid and are one of the most studied species with respect to the effects of hydropower and dams. The sea-run migratory variety, known as steelhead, is a critical species affected by hydropower development on the Pacific coast.

Rainbow trout have been a very important species in the development of Natel’s approach for fish-safe turbine design, starting with laboratory blade strikes in collaboration with Alden Laboratory (publication: Improving survival: injury and mortality of fish struck by blades with slanted, blunt leading edges) and continuing through a series of turbine passage studies of rainbow trout passage through the RHT at different size scales.