American Eel, conducted with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Fall 2021

Study Overview
55 cm diameter RHT at 10 m head, 667 rpm
131 treatment, 43 control releases
Species: American eel, 339-655 mm in length
100% immediate and 48h survival of turbine-passed fish

American eel (Anguilla rostrata) passage testing conducted at the Natel Energy hydraulic test facility (Alameda, CA) in Fall 2021 with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory was designed to evaluate the immediate and 48-hour survival rate, as well as sublethal and behavioral effects of eel passage through the RHT operating under the most extreme conditions (maximum velocities, largest eel size relative to turbine).

High-speed video was captured of 89% of passage events and revealed an absence of pinching or laceration injury risk within the turbine. This work is summarized in a journal article manuscript currently accepted for publication by Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.